Every year, we introduce new a new art camp theme

to inspire every child. Our Fall Break Art Camp theme

is "Wild, Wild New Mexico". Your child will explore

water colors, acrylics and pastels; and discover great

artist Georgia O' Keeffe.


Your child will design circle weaving south western culture

projects inspired by Aztec style and create color art

projects. Campers will also mix acrylic paints and

experiment with elements of composition on canvas

to take home with.


On Saturday Workshop we have designed a fun, and

educational program to inspire every child to reach

their creative potential. Our curriculum includes still life,

figure drawing, landscaping, and 3d design.


It teaches students how to see art in a new way, and

offers a basic understanding of how to draw and paint.

Through the workshop, students will learn the fundamentals

of art while experimenting with a variety of medium,

including water color, acrylic, pastels, and discovering the

great artist work and technique.


Looking for a fun and creative way to spend Winter Break??

Join us for a four day art camp inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Learn his famous Mona Lisa and experience Fresco paintings.

Explore his Vitruvian Man Activity sketches, creating

a flying machine, and many other inventions.


We are encouraging the campers to turn ideas into a reality!!




Download, Print, and Mail the Registration form (pdf)




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